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The definitive companion for medical science study and revision Medical Sciences at a Glance consolidates the scientific knowledge a student needs to know to provide a solid framework of key facts to build on. Concise, easy to follow, written specifically for medical students, and using the unique at a Glance style to convey key concepts, Medical Sciences at a Glance also demonstrates vital links between different topics and across systems. It is the perfect resource for bridging the gap between A-Level and university, studying a new topic, revising for exams, or refreshing knowledge while on placement. Key features: Fully cross-referenced to Medicine at a Glance: together they cover the core concepts of an entire medical degree Highlights key points and their clinical relevance for quick revision and retention of what’s most important Brings together all the scientific content on a medical course in one easy-to-read, highly-illustrated title Accompanied by a companion website at featuring interactive multiple-choice questions and key points for revision Medical Sciences at a Glance provides the vital scientific grounding needed to succeed at medical school.
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