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A complete guide for everything you need to experience a great Long Weekend in Nashville, whether you want to go to the Grand Ole Opry (and you really ought to take the backstage tour that lets you stand in the famous "circle"), or hang out with the hipsters and other creative types over in East Nashville. "I had no idea how much I'd love Nashville so much before I got here." --- Fred G, Seattle"I moved to Atlanta from New York and have been taking weekend trips to other Southern cities to acquaint myself with my new region. I really had the best time in Nashville. It wasn't the bunch of hicks I thought I'd find. The people are as sophisticated as those in Portland but nicer because they're Southern, I guess." --- Johnny CA., AtlantaYou'll save a lot of time using this concise guide.=LODGINGS (in several parts of town) variously priced=FINE & BUDGET RESTAURANTS, more than enough listings to give you a sense of the variety to be found. =PRINCIPAL ATTRACTIONS -- don't waste your precious time on the lesser ones. We've done all the work for you.= SHOPPING -- A handful of interesting ideas.
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