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Does a dance communicate ? What ? How ?Are all dances meaningful ?Do spectators see what a choreographer sees ?"The strands of the dance mediumlike locks of hair plait into one meaningful whole.The interlock is all."The interlock is what this book exploresfrom the choreographer and performers' perspectivewith every genre in contemporary dance theatre in mind.Written for practical people in dance, the text is organised in 32 short chapters each addressing a question on the way in which choreographers might or might not engage with their audiences in dance theatre works.The topics include an introduction to communication theory and the way in which the interlocking network between performers, movement material, sound, and performance can carry meaning. The book is written from choreographers' and performers' perspectives, with 46 dance works cited from a wide range of genres. The text is unusually presented - as closely as possible to how we speak to each other - with key words in bold type for ease of reference.Valerie Preston-Dunlop is an internationally recognisedlecturer, teacher, and author on dance.She is currently Adviser for Postgraduate Studies and Research at the Trinity Laban Centre in London.
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