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"... a useful resource for practitioners and activists, both in South Africa and elsewhere. It represents a substantive study in an area that has been neglected, particularly in South Africa, and points to the dire need for more research and study." · H-SAfrica"This collection of essays is a significant advance in the field of refugee protection and the law in South Africa, as very little research has been done on this topic. Few authors other than those included in the collection have addressed wider refugee and migration issues in South...a very enlightening resource for both practitioners and academic researchers in South Africa and elsewhere." · African Affairs"This book will provide important background reading for a second generation of researchers to look beyond the establishment of the asylum system to consider the extent to which, over the long term, there is substantial and contextually appropriate asylum policy in South Africa. It is equally useful for those involved in comparative studies of different asylum systems because of the detail that is provided about the internal functioning of the relevant South African government departments." · International Migration & IntegrationDivided into three thematic parts to guide the reader, this important volume documents the development and implementation of refugee policy in South Africa over a 10-year period from 1996 until 2006. In doing so, it addresses issues of detention, gender, children ...
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