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Содержание: CD 1: England And The Baroque HANDEL 01. Zadok The Priest Choir Of King's College, Cambridge The Academy Of Ancient Music / Stephen Cleobury CLARKE 02. The Prince Of Denmark's March (Trumpet Voluntary) Crispian Steele-Perkins, Trumpet City Of London Baroque Sinfonia / Richard Hickox DOWLAND Lachrymae (1604) 03. Pavane: Lachrymae Antique Fretwork PURCELL Abdelazar, Or The Moor's Revenge 04. Rondeau Taverner Players / Andrew Parrott TALLIS 05. Spem In Alium Taverner Consort & Choir / Andrew Parrott BYRD 06. With Lilies White Gerard Lesne, Countertenor Ensemble Orlando Gibbons PURCELL Dido & Aeneas 07. Overture Act III 08. Your Counsel All...Great Minds... Thy Hand, Belinda... When I Am Laid In Earth… With Drooping Wings Susan Graham, Soprano European Voices / Le Concert D'astree Emmanuelle Haim PURCELL Come, Ye Sons Of Art 09. Symphony - Come, Ye Sons Of Art, Away - Sound The Trumpet - Come, Ye Sons Of Art James Bowman & Christopher Robson, Countertenors Orchestra Of The Age Of Enlightenment Gusfav Leonhardt PURCELL 10. О Solitude Nancy Argenta, Soprano Nigel North, Lute Richard Boothby, Viola Da Gamba Paul Nicholson, Harpsichord & Organ HANDEL Solomon 11. Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba Taverner Players / Andrew Parrott HANDEL Messiah 12. Hallelujah 13. He Was Despised James Bowman, Countertenor Taverner Choir & Players / Andrew Parrott HANDEL Water Music: Suite In D 14. Overture - Hornpipe London Classical Players / Sir Roger Norrington CD 2: Treasures Of Mediterran...
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