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Fast cars and faster women were apparently all that interested handsome Forrester Tremaine, until he was stranded in upstate New York one stormy weekend. Shy librarian, Mobrie Devonshire, takes Forrester under her wing, inviting him back to her family's farm, where Forrester gets to experience rustic country life to its fullest.In return, Forrester invites Mobrie to visit his lavish mountain retreat in South Carolina. There, Mobrie encounters the poisonous Stella Norris, a beautiful socialite desperate for Forrester's money. Although Mobrie is charmed by Forrester's staff, it is all too clear that Stella has no intention of stepping aside for the pretty redhead.To what lengths will Stella go to ensure her place at Forrester's side? As madness prevails, lives hang in the balance. Forrester and Mobrie are forced to risk it all for the chance of a lifetime.

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