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The second volume of Haggard's African adventures-featuring three gripping storiesRider Haggard's affection for and affinity with the 'Dark Continent' is well known. His adventures featuring Allan Quatermain-the little white hunter, trader and explorer are justly famous and appear as a collected set in their entirety from Leonaur. For some that generous helping of African adventures simply will not be sufficient. Although Haggard was a prolific author not all of his material is familiar or available to those who would enjoy it. Leonaur has gathered together Haggard's 'other' adventures set in Africa into one collection of four books available in soft cover and hard cover with dust jacket for collectors.The second volume of the four volume collection of Rider Haggard's other African adventures contains three pieces-two novels and a novelette-to please those who enjoy this highly entertaining and expert author of the African world of fact and fantasy. Perhaps the highest accolade one can give to the first novel, 'The People of the Mist' is that but for the absence of Quatermain himself it bears all the ingredients that made that character's adventures so appealing! 'Black Heart and White Heart' is yet another tale where Haggard takes us inside the life the Zulu people themselves and in 'The Wizard' a group of missionaries must overcome the many obstacles and dangers of the African interior and its fierce and magical pe...

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