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BLAME IT ON BOB AFTER YEARS OF WAITING FOR MR. RIGHT…Hometown girl Kirby Connaught was saving herself – if not for marriage, then at least for the perfect man. Someone who was husband and father material. Someone who was clearly… not the arrogant and sexy, no-strings-attached playboy at her door. So why was she having such a hard time resisting him?WAS IT OKAY TO SAMPLE A LITTLE OF MR. WRONG? Globe-trotting bachelor James Nash was the «most desirable man in America,» yet suddenly a small corner of it was looking mighty appealing to him. He knew that Kirby really wanted happily-ever-after with a local boy – but what was the harm in getting her to expand her territory a little?BLAME IT ON BOB: The comet passes through only once every fifteen years… but it leaves behind a lifetime of love!

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