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As the author of The Imminent Rise of West Africa, published in 2015, I had the epiphany to write this second book. Immediately, the opportunity arrived.I foresaw the moral imperative and audaciously quantum stepped ahead and developed the duplex leadership and the authoritative capacity and courage to pinpoint the appreciable design of the postmodern twenty-first century massive and smarter commanding, empire-building institution, as they relate to the creation of the new postmodern twenty-first century innovative educational economic blueprint.Besides, as the postmodern twenty-first-century African thinker, transformative entrepreneurial evangelist, and a smarter, industrious, commanding, empire-building institutionalist, my optimum and passionate intent is to revolutionary awaken the future West African superstate regionalism and the future African superb continental economic powerhouse to solidify the impeccable rise of the African bottom billion's economic empire.Globally, the African region is the fastest, overpowering population growth in the world and will still be the largest by the end of this century. The book boldly elaborates the emerging economic-wheel revolution, the new formidable economic structural blueprint for deliberately engineered-route to the on-demand economy and on-demand labor and immediate engagement and enlargement of the service economy in a massive scale and efficiently be able to accommodate the huge rise of the population growth in the Wes...
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