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Mama Cass overdoses on pork. A shower gel’s compassionate talk. Revenge best served by time machine or octopus as hat. Star Wars told in three minutes flat. Misogyny in rap, sexism at the Oscars. The running of the bullfinches. Scottish independence. Heckling Miley Cyrus. Midlife dating/midlife crisis. Syria and political satirists. Life through the lens of a food photographer. New persona after new persona. Tattoos and stalkers. Swindon is the new Disneyland. The last knockings of rock and roll. Video games and gun control. Boxing snow. Kipling and poetry karaoke. Man in the 21st century. The Smiths and electricity wastage. A three day New Year’s Eve. Love, art, death. The ways of a coffee addict. And Britain’s foremost method poet...
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